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About Us - Hollyflower



You may have come here to read about us… but essentially Hollyflower is about YOU.


Are you looking to purchase fabric with beautiful designs?


Is the durability of the fabric and quality of digital printing important to you?

Or, you’re a designer, looking at reaching your creativity to more people.

Or, maybe, you're a fabric wholesaler looking for a digital textile printing service provider.


You are sure to find something REALLY EXCITING on our website.


So, read on to know what makes the Hollyflower garden blossom every day.

Sowing the Seeds: The Beginning of Our Journey

Ours was a humble beginning.


In early 2014, I took a small loan from my father and started out on an ambitious journey in Surat, the textile hub of India.


My dreams were big and determination strong.


Little did I know that my dreams and determination were going to be tested by fate.


Before I could gain a foothold, the textile industry went into deep recession.


I visited a number of fabric wholesalers, who loved what I had to offer, but could not place an order.


Soon our cash ran dry, and there was no budget for any employees.


So I did everything myself.


I was the machine operator, salesperson, deliveryman, secretary... all packed in one... a one-man army!


I would print the samples and go from shop to shop and was met with rejection time and again, since not many were buying anything during those days.


Destiny put huge obstacles in my path, but I was ready for any challenge that came my way.

Nonetheless, I was confident... that's because I was offering high quality digital printing, with superb fabric that would not fade after several washes.


Soon fabric wholesalers, suppliers, and exporters began to place orders... small at first, then large and finally I had established a business that became renowned for quality and customer service.


For many months my only focus had been on getting orders from wholesales, suppliers, and exporters. I had thought I would be satisfied when that happened.


However, when my business had enough orders from wholesalers, I started missing the challenge.

I wanted to try something new, and reach out to the ultimate users of my fabric and digital printing capabilities.

I wanted to reach out to YOU.

Tilling the Soil: Uncovering What To Do Next

One evening, I carried some samples home after my market sales routine.

My wife looked at one of the designs and loved it.

She asked me whether it was possible to print 1.5 meters of fabric.

Well, of course it was.

The huge advantage that digital printing offers is that you can print as low as a meter or less of fabric, according to what you need.


I got the fabric printed for her and she got it stitched as a beautiful Kurti.


Before long, she started creating her own designs and getting it printed on fabric.


She chose different fabrics and designs.


And soon everything she was wearing was being custom made!

I was always keen on acquiring knowledge, and had already been reading books and articles about doing business online and its benefits.

I suddenly identified my next challenge… my next dream to pursue… a chance to connect with the actual users of the fabric, and seeing the fabric taking shape according to the imaginations of people.

So either you are a business requiring thousands of meter of digital printing to get done on your fabric or an individual wanting to get one meter of a fabric printed with your own design, we are the company for you.


That’s how Hollyflower came into being.


Watering the Sapling: Happy Customers Who Keep Coming Back

How cool is this?

Instead of going to a website to check out what it has to offer, you can come to us and create something only for yourself…

It would be unique, exclusive and exactly what you want.

So, here’s how you go about it:

  • Design: Submit us your design from here. Or if the design is larger then you can send it to Send your detailed requirement about the type of fabric you want, quantity, and we will give you a quote for your requirement. Once agreed, we can start printing your fabric.

  • Choosing fabric: You can either send your own fabric to get it digitally printed or you can choose one of our fabrics. There is minimum of 1 meter for polyester fabric, and 10 meters for any natural fabric. If you want us to source the fabric for you then there is a minimum order of 1000 meters.

  • Decide the size or dimensions: Depending on what you want stitched; you can decide the amount of cloth you need.

And, within a few days, your favorite piece of fabric is delivered right to your doorstep!

If you need any help, just email us, or pick up the phone and call us.

We’re really friendly, and eager to answer any of your questions.

Wondering why customers like you keep coming back to us?

Apart from enjoying the flexibility to choose the design, fabric and amount of cloth, you can rest assured that the printing quality is topnotch.

The colors will be brighter, and livelier.

Moreover, even if the design has a number of colors, our machines is capable of printing tens of thousands of colors on a single fabric.

Hollyflower is a Friend of the Environment

While we all want to look great, and achieve success in what we do, we should not forget the environment.

Contrary to the traditional textile mills which cause air and water pollution and harm environment badly, we, at Hollyflower provide green solution.

We do sublimation and direct digital printing which uses state-of-the-art technology to conserve fabric, ink, water and electricity.


We use latest Digital Textile Printers that ensures minimal fabric wastage.


No additional chemicals are used in the printing process, hence no air and water pollution.



That was all about us. We are so proud to be able to share our passion with you.

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